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Personal Injury - Auto Accidents

Tariq Hilal, DO -  - Sports and Spine Physician

South Coast Sports and Spine Medicine

Tariq Hilal, DO

Sports and Spine Physician located in Orange and Los Angeles County, Los Alamitos, CA

On average, we drive 21.6 miles per day in Southern California, and a serious auto-accident can happen somtimes. Wether you chose to submit an insurance claim or use your personal insurance, Dr. Tariq Hilal has extensive experience in treating various auto-accident conditions such as whiplash injuries, lumbar sprain, foot or ankle sprains, wrist sprains, concussions, thoracic sprain, and many other non-surgical conditions resulting from an auto-vehicle accident.
Be sure to call us today to schedule an appointment! We do accept attorney liens.

Auto Accident Liens

The process of seeking medical treatment through your auto insurance may be confusing, but don't let that get in the way of appropriate medical treatment. Without further delay, call our office to get you started on your treatments.

We follow evidence based medical guidelines in providing care, and our staff are well trained to work either with your insurance, or attorney if you seek to hire one. We have streamlined our referral process for imaging, physical therapy, chiropractor treatments, injections, and pharmacy prescriptions. 


We do understand suffering a motor accident injury is very stressful, but Dr Tariq Hilal can help you improve and back on track.


Conditions Treated:

- Concussions
- Whiplash Injuries
- Thoracic Sprains
- Lumbar Sprains
- Vertebral Compression Fractures
- Sacroilliac Joint Dysfunction
- Sciatica
- Wrist Pain
- Shoulder Pain / Rotator Cuff Tears
- Elbow Pain - Tennis and Golfer's Elbow